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Open Events


These ceremonies are open to anybody


Chanting and Drumming

Drumming and Chanting

We have ceremonial dances as part of our annual cycle of ceremonies. The heart and 'engine' of these dances is the drum and power songs.

The Centre for Shamanic Arts has a well established Drum Team led by Louise Mountain Mist Vincent.

We meet weekly for practice and you are welcome to join us. There is a small charge of £4 per session.


Drumming and singing together opens our hearts and takes us into a deep and joyful prayer space.


Contact - Louise Mountain Mist Vincent on 0114 258 4519 or email - lvincent64@hotmail.com


Eagle Dance Camp


Eagle Dance 7-10 June 2019


The Eagle Dance is a powerful ceremony of renewal that begins at dawn. Fasting throughout the day, we dance to a tree to connect with our higher vision and purpose to the powerful rhythm of our Centre drum and traditional chants. Once the sun has set, we have a closing Purification Lodge and end our day with a feast. This dance takes place in the heart of the countryside.


Eagle dance
Eagle Dance campsite

We gather on the land for 4 days, camping out in nature. The first two days are preparation, the third day is the dance and the final day is our clean-up and leaving the land more beautiful than we found it. Everybody is required to be there for the whole time.


You can join in as a dancer, a singer or a 'dog soldier'. Dog soldiers are there in service for the dancers and the dance and provide all back-up help required.
This is a good introduction to the dance if you are interested but not sure if you want to dance without knowing more about the ceremony.

Everybody is welcome to our Eagle Dance as long as you agree to be present for the whole time and are willing to respect that we are in ceremony from the time we begin until we leave the site, (this includes having no drugs or alcohol on the land).

To be a dancer requires a certain amount of preparation beforehand so contact us early! You need an outfit for dancing, a shield, a forked stick and a protection bundle. We will send you more information about this when you book.


Eagle Dance 2019 - Registration Form

Eagle Dance 2019 - Brochure


email info@centreforshamanicarts.co.uk for Registration Forms.