Centre for Shamanic Arts

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UK affiliated centre for the

Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society


The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path to Beauty, Power, Knowledge and Freedom

The Centre offers teachings, workshops, ceremonial opportunities, learning tools and publications to anyone who seeks knowledge, healing, spiritual self-development and physical mastery.


You can access these teachings of beauty and power through the Centre for Shamanic Arts based in Derbyshire. We are very privileged to have these extraordinary teachings available to us here in the heart of England. Shamanic work is now very popular as people recognise their separation from our beautiful planet and seek ways to reconnect and make positive change happen.

Come and heal yourself so you can share your unique Beauty with yourself, Life and others


Deer Tribe Overview

Elaine Cat Moon Casey


The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path

Over thousands of years, many traditional medicine men and women, shamans, people of power, travelled widely sharing teachings and pursuing knowledge. Hair is a symbol of knowledge, and it was said that the many strands of teachings of the inter tribal people were woven together into “braids of truth”. These travelling medicine people became known as the ‘Twisted Hairs’. The ‘Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Societies’ first sat together in council as early as 1250 BC For generations the sacred knowledge was held within secret medicine societies. In 1974, seeing the seriousness of the ecological and spiritual decline happening on this beautiful planet, the council of elders took the unprecedented step of making this sacred knowledge available to all people who may be interested.


The council of Elders gave Harley SwiftDeer Thunder Strikes the mandate to share these teachings with all who sought knowledge and healing. SwiftDeer’s primary teacher in this Path was the late Grand father Tom “Two Bears” Wilson, Navajo Medicine Man and president of the Navajo Native American Church. The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society, based in Phoenix, Arizona, is an international organisation with lodges and study groups in the USA, Canada, and Europe.