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Purification Lodges


The Purification Lodge is an ancient ceremony

The structure is built to an exact alchemical design out of willow or hazel saplings. Before the ceremony, the lodge is covered with blankets and a sacred fire is built to heat the rocks. The lodge is then blessed and awakened with the Powers of the Universe.


Once the rocks are glowing red, we enter. Rocks are brought in and placed in a pit. The door is closed and in the darkness, the Powers are called in as water is poured onto the rocks. Everybody has the opportunity to pray for themselves and others. After this it is time to 'giveaway' old habits and patterns that hold us back.

The ceremony ends with thanking the Powers for their presence and the gifts they have brought us. You are thus purified in all aspects. The sweat that runs from your body carries out toxins, your prayers cleanse your emotions and mental limitations. Your spirit is expanded through connection with and direct experience of the Powers.

A Purification Lodge ceremony usually lasts about 1 1/2 hours in everyday time. You may experience it as over in a flash or an endless time! It is possible to leave during the ceremony if you need to. We welcome new people to our open purification lodges and you will be given clear instructions beforehand with an opportunity to ask your questions. No charge is made for ceremony so we ask you to bring a gift for the Dance Chief (the person running the Purification Lodge) and the Fire Chief who takes care of the fire. This ensures an equal energy exchange.


Come and join us for this beautiful and expansive ceremony


Full Moon Purification Lodges for Women

Full Moon Sweatlodge Fire - Painting by Elaine Cat Moon Casey

Purification Lodge Fire with Full Moon

Painting by Elaine Cat Moon Casey


Every full moon, women gather for a purifiction lodge to connect with the natural cycles within us and our connection with the cycles of the moon.
We begin with preparation of the lodge and then gather in a circle. After a brief introduction to the astrological placement of the Moon and inspiring words from the Grandmothers, we share whatever we are bringing from our lives. This is an opportunity for reflection, cleansing and bringing in new vision for the coming month.

Many women find this time out of their busy lives invaluable and are strengthened by the support of other women.
The full moon is a powerful time for us and this is a perfect way to acknowledge our natural connection with Grandmother Earth and her Sister Moon.


For Dates of Full MoonPurification Lodge see 'Calendar' page

Click here for a printable PDF leaflet -
Women's Full Moon Purification Lodges


Pamela DragonBreathesStars

01347 844140 - deertribeuk@gmail.com


New Moon Purification Lodge for Men

On our new moon Purification Lodge we gather as men to plant seeds for the month and the year ahead.

From the time we arrive and work together to prepare the fire and space we are building a powerful container. In our gathering circle we look at where we are in the natural cycle, what’s happening in our lives, and at the astrology of the time, and from this develop a theme for the ceremony.
Our thanks go to the sisters who come to support our ceremony and run the fire. There is an open invitation to all men to join our space and use it to manifest their dreams.


For Dates of New Moon Purification Lodges see 'Calendar' Page

Click here for a printable PDF leaflet - Men's New Moon Purification Lodge


Pete Spotted Snake Edwards - moonsnakepe@gmail.com


Other Purification Lodges


Solstices and Equinoxes

At these changing times, we gather as women and men to purify and align with the seasonal energies for dreaming in new aspects of our lives.


Open Mixed Purification Lodges

Occasionally throughout the year we have open mixed (women and men)Purification Lodges.


Pamela DragonBreathesStars

01347 844140 - deertribeuk@gmail.com