Centre for Shamanic Arts

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You are invited to a FREE day of fascinating teachings and ceremonies, including a purification lodge, from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path

Each year our yearlong programme offers in depth experience of the knowledge and ceremonies available on this shamanic path.

For those who may be interested in exploring what is offered, this year we are offering a FREE Introductory Workshop Day.
This Introductory day is taught by Pete Spotted Snake and Pamela DragonBreathesStars and it will include:

  • Understanding how to have more balance and wellbeing in our lives through connecting to the elements and the worlds of
  • Grandmother Earth
  • Learning how to turn a simple nature walk into a profound healing meditation
  • A purification lodge ceremony for transformation, healing and integration
  • More information about our ongoing course and other activities
  • A chance to meet us and ask questions.

The year programme is transformative and life changing, bringing ancient teachings and earth based knowledge and wisdom combined with powerful alchemical ceremonies to awaken people to what it means to be a balanced and fulfilled human being. It is “training” only in as much as it trains YOU to discover YOURSELF and the fulfilment that is only YOURS to experience.
The course will be fun, challenging and practical and will teach you how to use the circular thinking of the Wheels and Keys of knowledge in your life, deepen your connection to mother nature and to your own True Nature and make personal changes for the better, bringing you more health, hope, happiness, humour and harmony.


Afternoon -Equinox Planetary Pipe Ceremony for the Collective 11am - 1pm

Voluntary donation only to cover cost of venue
Medicine gift and tobacco given to the Dance Chief of the ceremony

Join us for this powerful ceremony to connect with our Deer Tribe family around the world as we pray for Grandmother Earth and all of her children to affect positive change in the collective.
If you are an apprentice, bring your medicine pipe if you have one.


2pm arrival for- Equinox Purification Lodge Ceremony (open to men and women) 
Voluntary donation only to cover cost of venue and materials
Medicine gifts and tobacco for the Dance Chief of the ceremony and the Keeper of the Fire


Click here for a pdf leaflet for the 1st Gateway Year Long Brochure

More information about the 1st Gateway Programme on the Courses page